Are you feeling lost, lonely or confused about the menopause?

There is a wealth of understanding from both positive psychology and neuroscience into what makes people happy and how we can all benefit in our lives. I have used this for a number of years both in my life and my coaching practice.

Using Positive Psychology, drawing on nutrition, supplementation and health and fitness I have drawn up a suite of programmes. My first program – The Peri-Pause Program© is my most in depth program one that I personally devised for myself and is one that I live by today.

Being happy and having happy and balanced hormones is not about being deliriously happy all the time. That would be unrealistic and wouldn’t mean you were experiencing a number of other normal emotions. Happiness and Happy Hormones is about developing a life in balance and meaning that builds resilience so we have many more better days than not. Positive balanced brains and bodies also have a biological advantage over brains that are negative and are more immune to stress and illness.

Ask yourself - Do you miss the old you?

Does any of this sound familiar:
Would you instead like:

What Is my Approach?

I’ve drawn on my experience of working with women coupled with extensive training in HR, Wellness and Nutrition. My coaching approach recognises that you have all the answers to your challenges or concerns within you . I simply act as a facilitator to help you unlock your potential and help you take action.
1-2-1 coaching sessions last 60 to 90 minutes and are delivered in person or via zoom.
If you answer to any of the above is yes, you’ve come to the place where you can get help…let me help and guide you through the peri-menopause and beyond


The Peri-Pause Program©– A in-depth Program that takes you through all the steps that I have followed and implemented to live a balanced life. How my program and lifestyle change has resulted in an increase in energy, a slim midriff – yes no more of that peri-menopausal saggy tum! People commenting on how healthy and glowing my skin looks. More resilience to fight the stress when it hits and more bounce back from life’s challenges and set backs.


1-2-1 Coaching – A supportive and safe environment in which to explore and discuss all things menopause in a non judgemental environment.
Nutrition Coaching – I will conduct an assessment of your current diet and lifestyle.  From this I can design a bespoke  program with diet and supplementary changes to kick start your journey to a healthier life.


One Day Workshop – On hold during 2020

Book NOW to experience:

A boost in esteem and personal productivity
Improved cognition and reduction in brain fog
More positive relationships
Less Sick Days
Reduced stress, increased wellbeing and resilience
Happy Hormones