Work Happy

Are you creating an awesome employee experience that supports business growth and performance?

There is a wealth of understanding from both positive psychology and neuroscience into what makes people happy and how we can all benefit in our work and of course the huge impact this has on our personal lives.

We at Mahuki in Houston, Texas are dedicated to translating that theory into your business, and ultimately to your bottom line.

Human Resource Management and Employee Experience can be a complex and involved subject and your people are an asset, yet expensive resource.  Whether building an employee wellness program from the ground up or looking to fine tune what you currently have, we work with progressive organisations to create happier places of work and an awesome employee experience.   Whether in the USA or overseas we can help you to support your home based employees or globally mobile population.

Happiness is not about being deliriously happy all the time.  That would be unrealistic and wouldn't mean you were experiencing a number of other normal emotions.  Happiness at work is about creating jobs with meaning and happiness that build resilience so we have many better days at work and overall enjoy the work we do.  People are social creatures driven by the need for relationships and achieving results in a collaborative and supportive environment, they just need to be taught how to maximise their brains potential to do so.

Positive brains have a biological advantage over brains that are negative.  We can help you and your people to capitalise on this and improve productivity and performance.

We run workshops; provide consultation and solutions to help make work a more collaborative and fun place to be, which in turn can:

Increase results and productivity

Create an engaged workforce

Inspire more positive relationships

Reduce absenteeism

Reduce stress, create wellbeing and resilience

Build success

Are your people happy at work?

Happy Employees are:

  • Better Team Players

  • Better Leaders

  • More Engaged

  • More Productive

  • More Creative

  • More Open

  • Service focused

  • More dedicated to Quality

  • Better Engaged

Our approach supports strategies to increase employee engagement; customer engagement; increase sales consistently; gain repeat business and ultimately client recommendation.



Lunchtime learning - 1-hour lunchtime session for employees to introduce the topic and create some happiness habits

Half Day Workshop - Introduction to the theory of happiness for leaders and HR Managers

Full Day Workshop - Full practical workshop with practical tips for implementing behavioural change for leaders and HR Managers

Chief Happiness Officer:

Employ us as your Chief Happiness Officer to design and implement a work happiness programme bespoke to your organisation.  We will create a package of tried and tested positive psychology best practice with a bespoke spin just for you.  We will meet with you every month to oversee the project and provide support and guidance along the way.

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