Mahuki: (verb) to well up in the mind (of emotions), spring up


Mahuki Consulting

Hi, I’m Emma Trafford and Mahuki for me epitomises the need to us all to connect to who we are emotionally but often we push away what we truly feel or try to bury it by living a life of distraction.  So for me, this came ever more apparent when I my mid forties.  I reached peri-menopause and hit a really low ebb in my life.  I went to my GP for the standard 10 minute consultation but I didn’t get the outcome that I hoped for when  I was diagnosed with antidepressants.  So, I never took the antidepressants because I wasn’t depressed, but I just knew my body was going through changes that I didn’t fully understand.

What did I do about this?

As the peri-menopause symptoms started to progress and worsen so did the experience of having palpitations, panic attacks and feelings of overwhelm and tiredness.  I was drained and sometimes unable to function but  I knew I had to take action, but I wasn’t sure what action to take and where to go to get advice.  I was overwhelmed and the advice was confusing.

I’ve always had an interest in Health and Wellbeing and knew that I wanted to head into menopause using the most natural methods. For me I recognise that menopause is a natural and normal process that women go through, so I knew I wanted to find another way to manage. I recognise that this is not the course for everyone and every women has a unique journey.

Why me?

With a background in HR ,Wellness and Positive Psychology I decided to further added to my skill set and undertook training in the science of nutrition.  From this I created my personal peri-blaster programme which started to give me the results I craved. I then started sharing this with like minded women who were looking to seek more natural ways of managing the menopause. But for me, due to family medical history HRT was not an option for me, nor one that I wished to pursue. From this I realised that there are plenty of women like me who were looking for other options. rather than taking the medically managed route.

Whether you’re looking for: My Peri-Pause Program or:

  • A bespoke design wellness program

  • An individually tailored nutritional program or;

  • One to one coaching

    I can help you.

With a registered office in London. I run a private practice in Berkshire I can meet face to face or appointments via Zoom. I cover Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and surrounding villages.  Whether you’re suffering from Peri-menopause symptoms or Menopause symptoms or knowing what is the correct nutrition, I can help with a range of  solutions.

My philosophy is simple: Thrive – at any age or stage of your life.

I holds a BA in Business Administration and Human Resources; postgraduate qualifications in Diplomacy; a certified time to think and workplace happiness coach. I also hold a certificate in Positive Psychology and a Diploma in The Science of Nutrition.

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