mahuki: (verb) to well up in the mind (of emotions), spring up

Leveraging two decades of Corporate HR experience, Mahuki Consulting was born as a result of Emma's passion for developing and supporting workplace talent and personal growth. Emma has also lived and worked overseas bringing an understanding of cultural and organisational dynamics.

Whether you are looking for:

a bespoke design employee wellness program

an in-house happiness at work workshop

a keynote speech on employee experience or;

one to one coaching we can help you.

With a registered office in London, we also operate in Houston, Texas and have a global footprint of partners in a number of key locations.

Our philosophy is simple: Understanding what makes you happy at work helps you grow.  We believe this philosophy is applicable in the business environment as it is in everyday life.

Mahuki founder, Emma Trafford says “I wanted to create a company that would generate greater value for stakeholders by helping achieve better co-operation and alignment of people towards a common goal.  I’ve drawn on my corporate experience spanning more than 20 years.  During my career working in International Human Resources, I was fortunate enough to travel the world, working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.  As a result of this experience I came to understand what makes an engaged and happy workforce and the remarkable results this can have on productivity”. 

Emma holds a BA in Business Administration and Human Resources; postgraduate qualifications in Diplomacy; is a certified time to think and workplace happiness coach and also holds a certificate in Positive Psychology.

We at Mahuki are passionate about helping businesses maximise the potential of their existing talent and offer solutions that support employee engagement and productivity at all levels.

Please contact us for an informal discussion about your business and how we can support your employee experience.