Menopause Coaching, Nutrition and Wellbeing

Women, Hormones, Happiness.

Are you are experiencing peri-menopause symptoms or have entered the menopause?

Do you feel that you are not coping with daily life?

Maybe you thought it was too soon to have reached menopause age?

I can help with:

Nutritional support

Proven tools and strategies for maintaining positivity and wellness

Are you ready to make changes to the way you live?

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Menopause Coaching

Here at Mahuki I believe that any goal is possible & achievable when you can fully embrace the choices facing you. I will give you my time, attention and space to discuss life, goals and all things menopause.

Nutritional Assessment

In the comfort of your own home via zoom or during a face to face consultation we can discuss the challenges you are facing and how we can work to implement a diet for your lifestyle. Using the science of nutrition I can design a plan to help you manage and deal with some of the symptoms of the menopause through diet and supplementation.


I have a number of nutrition, lifestyle and menopause products to purchase. I am in the process of refurbishing my stock. In the meantime, see my NO1 BEST SELLING program - The Peri-Pause.

About Mahuki

Leveraging two decades of experience, Mahuki was born as a result of my passion for developing and supporting women and personal growth.

About Me and Why Mahuki Coaching

Mahuki was born in 2016 and came about as a result of my passion for coaching and mentoring others. Often friends and family would turn to me as a sounding board for the challenges they were facing in life. Equally through personal interest I’d amassed a wealth of knowledge in Health and Wellbeing. Having had over 20 years experience of working in HR, I’d also come to read people and was seen as the “go to” person for many things. Equipped with Emotional Intelligence and an interest in wellbeing, I undertook certified training in Coaching, Workplace Happiness and Nutrition.
Life changed for me hugely when I hit peri-menopause and I wanted to find a way to manage my symptoms naturally. I found it to be a confusing time with lots of conflicting information out there and all focused on the medically managed way to manage a natural part of lifes path. With correct diet and exercise I knew I could manage my stress levels and get myself back on track. I designed a program that worked for me and from this Mahuki was born.
My philosophy is simple: Understanding what makes you happy helps you thrive. I believe this philosophy is possible whatever your current circumstance or life stage you are at. The menopause is a huge time but can be a liberating time too.